i'm so glad i met you

jul 26, 2020 | por | 悪の教典 漫画 無料

I’m glad we met and happy we stuck together.72. You are the best!3. Care to express your gratitude to that special friend of yours? You are an extraordinary friend!58. You match your words with action; your faith with works. Friendship, when born out of selflessness, can do wonders to every party involved. In a fickle world where true friends prove to be false, and seemingly genuine friends turn out to be fake; you are a priceless friend! I’m glad we met, dude!49.

79. Good friends are worth their weight in gold. When one makes a fool of oneself before someone without feeling foolish, that person is truly a friend. Trust, love, openness forgiveness, and loyalty are special features.

Thank you for being my friend.84. I’m glad we met.76. Ah ah ah...You're 2015, incredible. 6. I adore you so!64. You are my family. You are my best friend ever; you deserve the very best in life.

You are my twinnie and I appreciate your uniqueness and love.43. I’m a transformed person already; radiating positivity and endless possibility. These are the uncommon treasures we’re talking about here.This year 2020, the spate of suicide is on the increase. You are a great friend; trustworthy and reliable. Your love, support and unconditional acceptance and friendship mean the world to me, dear friend.

Life would be totally boring with no exciting friends to make it fun, adventurous, and joyful.The best way to sustain and grow a good relationship with wonderful friends, is by expressing your appreciation to people who have been good, helpful and kind to us.

Not even once. I do not take your friendship for granted.13. Your reserve nature is a façade for a passionate and loving heart to ward of the wolves parading as friends. I can’t thank you enough for being my friend. You rock!42.

You rock!78. There’s never a dull moment with you. So glad we met, pal!It’s such a delightful experience expressing one’s feelings to one’s rare gifts of real friendship. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1975 Vinyl release of I'm So Glad I Met You / I'm So Grateful on Discogs. I feel refreshed, inspired and energised in your company. Together, we negotiate life’s twists and turns as one. A friend is one who shows up when one is helpless, hapless and needy. I’m sure glad you are my bestie!7. You’re smart enough to get a dongle to fix your TV. You are my bright spot in a gloomy space. I’m glad I met you.44. I’m thrilled we met.24. I didn’t know I needed a friend when you wriggled yourself into my personal space. Others are magicians who perfected and performed the tricks of disappearing acts.

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